Ashmont Records of Dorchester, Massachusetts, home of the Pernice Brothers welcomes you to “The Bargain Center, ” a download only digital store on the Pernice Brothers website, where fans will be able to download audio recordings by Pernice-related ventures.

Named after the legendary Quincy Center shopping Emporium that closed in 1986, the store will feature new songs from time to time. Said Ashmont co-owner Joyce Linehan, “The Bargain Center was a place where Bostonians and folks from the South Shore went to satisfy a need for instant gratification, at prices so low that buyer’s remorse wasn’t much of a problem. We hope to operate on the same principals.” The Bargain Center was also a place where one didn’t necessarily want to be seen – a common insult among kids back in the day was “Ya mutha shops at tha Bahgie” (hard “G”).

The Bargain Center (digital version) won’t ever have as much inventory (or dust) as The Bargain Center (bricks and mortar version), but it will from time to time feature a new song by a Pernice-related venture, that’s not necessarily appropriate for inclusion on a mass replicated CD. Said Pernice, “They’re not lesser pieces necessarily. They’re just different – perhaps topical, time sensitive.” “ It’s kind of like school,” said Linehan, “if you’re of the same age group we are – way pre-MCAS for you Massachusetts folks. There were the ‘real’ classes like math, science, and English. And then there was ‘current events,’ where you sat around and ‘rapped’ about things like women’s lib and the population explosion with your vaguely hippie-esque lay – that’s non-nun or priest for you public schoolers – teacher who played guitar at the folk masses. The CD’s we put out are math and English. These downloads are current events.”

Sandwich EP buy
“Bum Leg” [live] buy
“The Flu” buy
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