Ashmont TV Presents

Pernice To Me

Even though these are puppets, this show is NOT for children, people over 70, or Joe’s sister Judy. If you are any of those things, please find something enriching to do with your time.

Pernice To Me is based on the book by Joyce Linehan and Joe Pernice, which is a chronicle of close to two years’ worth of petulant banter between the two, most of which has appeared on twitter. The book was Joyce’s idea. Joe likes to pretend he didn’t say much of what’s attributed to him. The series is Joe’s idea; he sees it as a way of getting back at Joyce for throwing his own words back in his face. We’ll be posting a new episode every week until further notice.

  • Produced, Directed and Voiced by Joe Pernice
  • Written by Joyce Linehan and Joe Pernice
  • Puppets by Bobby Smithney
  • Puppeteering by Joe Pernice
  • Pernice To Me Theme Song by Joe Pernice

No puppets were harmed in the filming of this show. Yet.

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